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Top Benefits of Backsplash Tiling

If you’re looking for a quick kitchen upgrade, upgrading to tile is a great place to start. And if tiling the entire kitchen isn’t possible, don’t underestimate the power of a newly designed tile backsplash. Whether you’re redoing your whole kitchen or just looking to add a small something new, backsplash tiling offers several unique benefits for your home.

They Protect the Kitchen

The primary purpose of backsplash tile is to protect the kitchen from cooking residue like grease spots, water stains, and food splashes. These things don’t soak through tile like they would through the wall, which means there will be less food odor when there shouldn’t be any. A backsplash often fills in a gap between countertops, the wall, and the stove, which means less food falling through the cracks. And protecting the kitchen from the tastes and smells of food means that pests won’t come searching for a midnight snack.

They’re Easy to Clean

A backsplash is meant to protect the walls of the kitchen, but after cooking a few meals, you have a dirty backsplash! Don’t worry – backsplash tiling is notoriously easy to clean. Generally, this type of tiling is made from glazed ceramic or glass. These tiles are nonporous, which means that liquid can’t soak into them, causing staining and odors. Instead, food, grease, and liquid can simply be wiped off without any risk of mold or mildew taking hold.

They Add Aesthtic Appeal

Because the backsplash is such a small surface area compared to the rest of your kitchen, it’s the perfect place to add a bit of aesthetic appeal by experimenting with statement colors, unique shapes, or unexpected textures. With such a variety of backsplash tiling to choose from, there are a huge amount of combinations you can choose to create a backsplash that suits your style. You can go subtle and minimalistic by keeping the backsplash in a monochrome scheme with the rest of the kitchen (like white on white), or maybe you prefer to go bold and feature a contrasting color that brings attention and interest to the area. Whatever your personal style, there will certainly be a great option for you to maximize your design instincts.

Kitchen Tile Design in Newburyport, MA

Choosing the right high-quality backsplash tile can seem difficult, but discussing your needs and desired look with professionals can help. Visiting a showroom staffed by expert designers is a great first step in figuring out which tiles are right for your backsplash. The Tiles Gone Wild showroom in Newburyport, MA has the industry’s best tile options and designers with decades of experience to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. To get started, come visit or call us today! 978-462-9453

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